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Using Next Js

I decided to remake my personal website. (making the most of the quarantine!) I landed on using Next Js to help with the server-side rendering to get that sweet sweet performance and SEO.

I also decided to write articles using Contentful headless CMS. I'm hoping that it will help me add add blog content quickly and more often. Philosophically, I like the idea that content is separate from the display. It will be nice to not have the website repo's revision history cluttered by content changes.

It has been pretty smooth sailing so far. Though I have run into a couple issues:

  • useEffect hook results being shared between pages -> solution: use Page.getInitialProps and set key

  • a subfolder in the public folder didn't seem to work with dynamic routing. This may be the same issue mentioned in this SO post.

But overall performance is good, can't complain with this lighthouse score:

Score of site.j-henderson.com on 2020-04-19

Score of site.j-henderson.com on 2020-04-19